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mayjune 28Jul2009 05:33

Reported Post by mayjune
mayjune has reported a post.


sigh again
Post: hacking hotmail & yahoo
Forum: Ethical hacking
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Original Content:

Hi all
can some one help me i can't access my hotmail or my account at all i have tried i forget my password but i couldn't to get work coz these emails have been great long time ago and difficult for me to i remember the security questions answers ...
some one have taken my both account i tried to speek to him but he said i will not return it back .
so how can i retrun back or to block it completly and no one use it ???
its so important for me coz i have all my important information and pics on it

shabbir 28Jul2009 09:36

Re: Reported Post by mayjune
Closed thread with a note to user.

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