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mayjune 27Jul2009 01:18

Reported Post by mayjune
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Ethical?? no idea...so asking..
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Forum: Ethical hacking
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Posted by: ultimate10300
Original Content:

Hello, Before I ask my question im just going to go ahead and say sorry to anyone who doesn't think this is right and is doing wrong. I don't have interest on hearing why, you are intitled to your views and mine might differ, so here goes.

A couple of years ago I helped a female friend of mine use a service found on google to get the password of her husband to check up on him to see if he was cheating, long story short, he was and she got the info and saved her marriage. So I know at one time one of these services did in fact work, just not sure about now, just thought I'd ask around.

Now I find my self in the same spot and im curious to see if anyone has used one of these services recently? I have found a few on google: milanorosa, hire2hack, yourhackerz, etc... Im just curious if anyone knows they work now, any scams, etc??? I can't remember the service I used before and tried looking it up but it worked well and they sent real proofs then we payed and they sent the password...

Thanks for any help on this matter.


mayjune 27Jul2009 03:08

Re: Reported Post by mayjune
i guess its not .... upto you guys...

shabbir 27Jul2009 08:57

Re: Reported Post by mayjune
May be yes may be no.

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