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x2040 14Oct2004 16:53

virtual cd
i want to make a program that make a "Virtual CD" using VC++
does any one have an idea how can i implemented or have any usefull ideas or links

thank you all

shabbir 14Oct2004 17:29

Re: virtual cd
First of all welcome to the go4expert forums and next thing is you putted the thread in the wrong area. You submited in the articles section and I moved it to the correct place i.e. queries and expert comments on MFC/Win32

Also regarding your virtual CD in VC++ what you want to do I could not get.

Did you want to create an application that will take the necessary file and create a ready to burn folder, or you mean an application of yours which is ready to run whenever CD is inserted in the drive. or you mean something like http://www.virtualcd-online.com/vcd/.../demo.cfm?lg=0

Shabbir Bhimani

Amit Ray 14Oct2004 17:58

Re: virtual cd
or probably you desire to develop something like a virtual cd drive, whcih can be used to save a copy of a cd on you hard drive and then when you run the application it will behave as if a cd is there in the cd drive. This sort of utility is usually used when you want to play a game ( or any other application for that matter ) which requires the original cd to be in your drive to be able to run it ... and obviously you don't have one ...

Amit Ray. :)

coderzone 15Oct2004 09:38

Re: virtual cd
I guess he meant something like what Amit is describing.

go4expert 15Oct2004 09:38

Re: virtual cd
I am also eager to know if this can be done and how.

Amit Ray 15Oct2004 10:36

Re: virtual cd
This can be done for sure, I have seen a couple of utilities like this ... though I am not very sure about the details of implementation.

Well, there are cracks of S/Ws which remove the CD check too, in that case S/Ws which generally require a CD to be run can be copied on to HD and run. This effectively achieves the same goal as the Virtual CD Softwares.

Amit Ray. :p

alok 15Oct2004 12:04

Re: virtual cd
hian good utitlity,i am too looking forward to it

x2040 16Oct2004 01:01

Re: virtual cd
yes this what i meant
thank you amit
but no one tell me till now if he have got any idea how can i implement something like this?

Does i need to Implement a windows driver which will read from the hard Disk instead of the CD or there is an easier trick that makes the windows see a virtual CD-Rom Drive ?

x2040 16Oct2004 01:11

Re: virtual cd
Thank you for caring

if you have got any idea ,trick or links about how to implement a Virtual CD Drive using VC++ please send me

what i mean is a program like this one


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