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ultimate10300 26Jul2009 10:18

Web Email
Hello, Before I ask my question im just going to go ahead and say sorry to anyone who doesn't think this is right and is doing wrong. I don't have interest on hearing why, you are intitled to your views and mine might differ, so here goes.

A couple of years ago I helped a female friend of mine use a service found on google to get the password of her husband to check up on him to see if he was cheating, long story short, he was and she got the info and saved her marriage. So I know at one time one of these services did in fact work, just not sure about now, just thought I'd ask around.

Now I find my self in the same spot and im curious to see if anyone has used one of these services recently? I have found a few on google: milanorosa, hire2hack, yourhackerz, etc... Im just curious if anyone knows they work now, any scams, etc??? I can't remember the service I used before and tried looking it up but it worked well and they sent real proofs then we payed and they sent the password...

Thanks for any help on this matter.


ultimate10300 27Jul2009 01:39

Re: Web Email
Well after pouring through a ton of search pages on here I haven't really found anyone who seemed to have information and about these services. I know at one time I found one that worked, just don't remember at this point. So any ideas would be greatful.

I have also looked into using a remote keylogger such as perfect keylogger but I really don't want to take the chance of sending her something and it then gets snagged and brought up by antivirus if there is any running at the time. Any Ideas?

mayjune 27Jul2009 02:05

Re: Web Email
looks like the situation isn't exactly the same, as from above it appears you are not married....?
why don't you just confront her, trust is the most important thing in any relationship, and spying is quite the opposite of it you know ... confronting her isn't really breaking your trust but would cement it more i think..

ultimate10300 27Jul2009 02:42

Re: Web Email
Well, I have no reason not to trust this girl honestly and no, I'm not married but this could be the one and im currently overseas. This isn't a thing of is she cheating on me, its just various things I pick up on seem odd, a couple of things just don't add up exactly and I have no real way of asking about it without coming off like a total jerk which im not.

If I can get in the mail then I can satisfy myself and if anything is fishy then I will be able to address it in a manner that is appropriate to the situation. I have been hurt in the past and this just seems like a better approach if it can still be done.

mayjune 27Jul2009 02:54

Re: Web Email
Maybe it seems like a better approach to you right now, but if by chance that girl gets to know that you did something like that, maybe not now, but after years of being together...she'll loose all her confidence in you...

Trust me, the most important thing with a girl is how you approach her, they judge you by that, how and what you are. Don't even for future give her an impression of you as someone she cannot trust for her privacy. Girls don't forget things easily as guys...

Trust me, there is always an option. For your comfort don't risk her privacy (it may look to you whats the risk? I am just Catching "someone/someway" to spy on her email and getting to know whats inside, big deal.. But trust me, it is a big deal!!)

Ok, think of it this way, lets say spying on her is not an option. You checked all the possibilities and it can't be done, now what would you do? :)

ultimate10300 27Jul2009 02:58

Re: Web Email
Your posts hold alot of power and truth, and that maybe what I end up doing but right now im really looking into this as an option. Although like I said, I helped a friend save her marriage this same way a couple of years ago so I don't want to rule anything out. I know somewhere out there someone is privy to some of these services?

mayjune 27Jul2009 03:12

Re: Web Email
So you are willing to take a risk of breaking into her privacy for your own satisfaction? Also Considering you maybe involving a 3rd party in this.... is it fine with you mate? I know you have gone through a lot in your past, and you feel you deserve to know and not get hurt, but are you willing to risk and hurt her and in return risk loosing her, who maybe the one for you...?

ultimate10300 27Jul2009 03:15

Re: Web Email
Again, my answer is YES.

So back on topic, if anyone has some info, I would be interesting in hearing it.

Hacker4lyf 6Aug2009 19:48

Re: Web Email
I Know The Sort Of Service Your Looking For,
But Im Going To Agree With Mayjune On This One,
You Dont Do That To Some One You Love...
Im Not Giving You Resources To Break Your Lovers Trust.

ultimate10300 6Aug2009 20:19

Re: Web Email
Well, Its happense.. Im still looking but I have pretty much counted it out. This is a g/f and im just trying to make sure everything is on the up and up.

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