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mayjune 25Jul2009 21:31

Tutorial on Code blocks....??
Hey i Just switched to Code Blocks from TC,
and i am having some tough time with it, as TC is almost out....
can anyone here upload a Tutorial on it, how to install, how to use debugger, what are plug-ins, how to use them and And millions of its features. I checked its forum, they don't really help in all this... Moreover its quite confusing for a newbie..

So if anyone here has a good Knowledge of it, please post a detail article on it...
Many Thanks.

xpi0t0s 25Jul2009 22:24

Re: Tutorial on Code blocks....??
Looks like everything you need is just here:

mayjune 25Jul2009 22:33

Re: Tutorial on Code blocks....??
i checked that link, i tried debugging using that page, but no idea what to do..??? i am not getting any build option (its disabled) ...??

SaswatPadhi 26Jul2009 07:34

Re: Tutorial on Code blocks....??
You must have tried it with a .cpp file. (not included in a project)
Try to create a new console project and create/insert a cpp file within it and try debugging the project.

BTW, it's common sense that Build Options work only for Projects. ('coz it's located at : Project --> Build Options) ;)

mayjune 27Jul2009 00:28

Re: Tutorial on Code blocks....??
hehe, common sense isn't that common these days you know ;)

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