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naimish 23Jul2009 07:49

An Adsense Account
Hi All,

Can anyone please let me konw what an Adsense Account and How to go about it ?

Thanks :D

shabbir 23Jul2009 10:09

Re: An Adsense Account
Its not that difficult. See https://www.google.com/adsense/

naimish 23Jul2009 10:12

Re: An Adsense Account
That I have seen, I am not that much of newbie :p but what I want to know that how to use them ? they are asking for so much information and I don't know how to go about with it :( even they only ask for 1 webstie, where I have so many websites.

shabbir 23Jul2009 10:19

Re: An Adsense Account
You have to give your best one.

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