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Ark2020 22Jul2009 16:26

VB Mobile Wireless comms problem

I am having some majour difficulty with this uni assignment.

And I have frankly given up.

So anyone who wants to do it, I am willing to give 200, Contact me unreal.evolution@gmail.com

I will send you all the details.

Shouldn't take an experienced programmer more than a week.

Just the programming - I can write the essay myself.

P.S. If this is not allowed please just remove it - This is my last resort - I just cannot figure out why the hell it is not working.

P.S.S. I hate VB - Prefer JAVA and C based languages (like objective C for the iPhone). But Because it is a VB assignment I cannot make an iPhone App.

shabbir 22Jul2009 17:25

Re: VB Mobile Wireless comms problem
Moved to Freelance marketplace.

LenoxFinlay 1Aug2009 12:21

Re: VB Mobile Wireless comms problem
Regular readers will have gathered that I'm quite a fan of flatrate mobile broadband for my PC. I have an ZTE HSDPA modem from 3 UK which I use regularly, and I had the use of a Telefonica / Huawei one last week at 3GSM. I've also written a detailed white paper on HSPA for the enterprise, on behalf of the GSMA. Sure, there are still serious issues with egregiously-high data roaming costs, but it now looks like the operators will fix that problem themselves in the next few months , or else Viviane Reding and the European Commission will do it for them.

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