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msn90 22Jul2009 14:39

Best SEO Tool
Hi Guys,

Lets talk about best seo tools available in the market.
The tool which have seo kit plus PPC campaign builder .
Share your experience.
It will be useful for both newbie and Pros.

callyS 26Jul2009 23:48

Re: Best SEO Tool
Different SEO tools hold different meanings for different web masters and it is really difficult to compile a list of the best SEO tools. But still I'd like to share a nice article best seo tools for 2009, worth a read -

thomas09 27Jul2009 23:09

Re: Best SEO Tool

I think SENuke is one of the best SEO tools. It makes so easy to submit your site in various bookmarking sites. There are also many options like RSS submission, creating social mediate pages, video submission, etc. which save your lots of times. However, it's a paid tool.

yohan 12Aug2009 08:10

Re: Best SEO Tool
I usually use this tool:

They offer tools to check for page rank, back links keywords and other stuff.

july3007 22Aug2009 17:20

Re: Best SEO Tool
I suggest you to go with SEO quake (addon for fire fox), this is one of the best tool for SEO.

Hsekhar 27Aug2009 20:19

Re: Best SEO Tool

Originally Posted by msn90 (Post 53284)
Hi Guys,

which have seo kit plus PPC campaign builder .

I don't think there is any SEO tool with PPC campaign builder. The only SEO software I know are SEO elite and IBP.

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