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naimish 18Jul2009 10:00

Group : .NET
Hello People,

A new group has been created .NET

This Group is for the people who are using .NET Technology in their work.

Mainly Tech. are ASP.NET, VB.NET and C#.NET.

You can even join if you using J#.NET OR F#.NET.


shabbir 18Jul2009 12:49

Re: Group : .NET
I have moved out of the announcement forum or else we would have so many group creation as official announcements.

I have moved it to Programming and also have joined the group. Approve it.

naimish 18Jul2009 14:01

Re: Group : .NET
Approved it, and Thanks for moving my theread, actually after posting it I saw that rule, not to post :)

shabbir 18Jul2009 17:24

Re: Group : .NET
Its ok

naimish 20Jul2009 07:48

Re: Group : .NET
My Pleasure :)

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