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cerebrum 15Jul2009 17:40

project ideas for VB
Hi all,

Please recommend some good projects in VB.

shabbir 15Jul2009 18:48

Re: project ideas for VB
To start with it should be TicTacToe in VB would be a nice one.

Then I would try on games like Word Maker and Mojo Game in C++ MFC

Also you can try Sudoku .

I really hate all those lib management system and attendance management system .......

cerebrum 16Jul2009 16:21

Re: project ideas for VB
thanx, but i forgot to mention that it should not be a game.

I have to do it for my college project.

shabbir 16Jul2009 19:29

Re: project ideas for VB
Then try Lib Management System

naimish 17Jul2009 06:45

Re: project ideas for VB
Lib Mgt. and Hosp. Mgt. those all are old now a days, what I have done in my college is JMS ;)

Job Management System

Or you can go with RMS ;)

Resume Management System

They are in demand now a days, I have sold my project to one Job Consultancy also and it's still working live :)

Go ahead, If you choose anyone of this, let me know, I can help you a lot in it :)

cerebrum 17Jul2009 12:45

Re: project ideas for VB
naimish, thanx for the suggestion.

Both of the projects you recommended sound good. I would let you when I would start my project. It has to submitted till last september. Now, we are asked to to submit the name only. I presume there is a database supporting these programs. which one wud be right ?

naimish 17Jul2009 12:47

Re: project ideas for VB
I would pefer MS Access only, though it sound old and easy, it's still a database (back-end) no body will see it, the main thing is your project's funality and behaviour. I have used that only, so I would suggest you use MS ACCESS 2003 :)

naimish 17Jul2009 13:56

Re: project ideas for VB
Where are you ?

cerebrum 17Jul2009 16:53

Re: project ideas for VB
you are right and also it is not meant to be a very huge database so ms access would be right.
can you just tell me the steps in non-technical language?

naimish 18Jul2009 10:04

Re: project ideas for VB
Steps for what ?

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