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uzers 11Jul2009 08:00

Kill a process in Perl
Hi Experts,

I am trying to kill an external process called out in Perl after certain seconds.

I am using Windows.

For example, I called out "a.exe" in perl by

my $result = `a.exe`;

What should I do to kill the "a.exe" after 30 seconds before a.exe naturally ends by itself which usually takes 10mins ?

I must kill it by it's process ID but not the process name, because I will run many a.exe at the same time, and I only want the perl to kill its own a.exe. But, I have no idea how to get process ID...

Please help me. Thanks in advance!


uzers 11Jul2009 15:53

Re: Kill a process in Perl
Thanks PerlMonks! My problem was solved. Use Win32::Process (Create and Kill). No need to use fork even.


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