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naimish 10Jul2009 11:14

Paypal Secure ??!!
What do you think ?

Is Paypal Secure ??

!Newbie! 10Jul2009 13:18

Re: Paypal Secure ??!!
I guess there was a similar question asked sometime back, am not able to locate it.

naimish 10Jul2009 13:21

Re: Paypal Secure ??!!
It was about how to use it !! this is all about security ;)

shabbir 10Jul2009 21:58

Re: Paypal Secure ??!!
Read Is Paypal Safe ?

!Newbie! 13Jul2009 15:20

Re: Paypal Secure ??!!
Thanks Shabbir, this was the article I was referring to

naimish 13Jul2009 15:37

Re: Paypal Secure ??!!
Thanks :)

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