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facebookfanpage 6Jan2012 11:48

Re: Effects of Black Hat SEO
effects of black hat seo are:
Google will banned your website when they find you blamed rules of search engine..
Even we can get high ranking in all search engine as well as quickly we will blocked if search engine finds black hat technique.
Thank you


tessori 10Jan2012 15:55

Re: Effects of Black Hat SEO
Black hat seo is not supported by Google because it is wrong way of increasing the traffic of a website. Google do not like black hat seo and if Google caught someone using it , he will be in a trouble.

styris 13Jan2012 16:30

Re: Effects of Black Hat SEO
Don't follow blackhat seo, your site get penalized by search engines. To get a better rank in search engines , just follow the guidelines suggested by search engines. This will help you in a long run.

tessori 16Jan2012 16:20

Re: Effects of Black Hat SEO
Yes absolutely right. Black hat seo is not good and if you caught by Google you will be in trouble because Google does not like black hat seo. It supports only white hat seo. Black hat seo increase your ranking for a time only but white hat seo increase your page ranking for a long time.

warrensharpe76 16Jan2012 21:03

Re: Effects of Black Hat SEO
I want to increase rank of my website

nikoljhonson 16Jan2012 21:36

Re: Effects of Black Hat SEO
It's usually used to get the high rank in less time That's the benefit of it and if google detects that you are doing black-hat then your ranking would be go down up to 100 position and then it would hardly possible for that site to get the on top again That's a disadvantage of it.

tessori 17Jan2012 15:42

Re: Effects of Black Hat SEO
using Black hat seo means doing cheating with Google and in case if Google caught you will be in trouble. Your site will be banned. Better to use White hat seo as it is safe and Google also likes it.

kartinmarshall 7Feb2012 01:11

Re: Effects of Black Hat SEO
The Black Hat SEO benefit but it can only give some time period. Its techniques of the worst things but you can face serious. It is a valuable and effective way to promote your site in search engines.

virtueinfo11 28Mar2012 11:30

Re: Effects of Black Hat SEO
i don't like black SEO. only believe on organic SEO. organic search engine ranking is much important compare to black SEO.

AlderCherry 14Apr2012 15:00

Re: Effects of Black Hat SEO
Blackhat SEO is a pick set of techniques that should not be used for search engine optimization of any website. Most of these techniques are developed to get a better page rank, by using unethical methods disapproved by most search engines. If you use any of these following Blackhat SEO Techniques, chances are more for your website to vanish from SERP results soon or later.

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