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indiansword 8Jul2009 09:58

Naimish's favourite smiley
Lol it was funny enough when i noticed the trend. I have seen naimish using this ":(" smiley the most. Personally, to me that smiley doesnt look like "sad" that looks like "a guy who needs sympathy" (check spell). Lol, Other members have u noticed naimish doin that?

TO naimish: no offense bro, take it as a fun session :)

RULE TO REPLY: everyone reply in this thread will have to use ":(" atleast once to encourage naimish!

naimish 8Jul2009 10:05

Re: Naimish's favourite smiley
:lol: ok, starting from me :(

naimish 8Jul2009 10:05

Re: Naimish's favourite smiley
Now how will you consider this : Hahahaha :(

shabbir 8Jul2009 10:51

Re: Naimish's favourite smiley
But then we all have one smiley as preferred and for me its :D :(

naimish 8Jul2009 10:54

Re: Naimish's favourite smiley
Cool, so all now, new rule, with my smile :( you will have to post your smile also ;)

indiansword 8Jul2009 11:04

Re: Naimish's favourite smiley
i have multiple ":charming: :mean: :cuss:"

naimish 8Jul2009 11:06

Re: Naimish's favourite smiley
Charming ? !!! :lol: Hahaha

SaswatPadhi 8Jul2009 17:48

Re: Naimish's favourite smiley
Well, I too use smileys very often. :)
So nimesh, why do you (kinda) like the magenta faced smiley ?! :rofl:

BTW, Look at these two smileys :
Smiley name : ##HANG#####HANGED
Smiley Image: ##:hang:######:hanged:
The man was initially plump while they hung him ... stayed there for long ... got dehydrated (or something) ... and shrunk !!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

shabbir 8Jul2009 18:59

Re: Naimish's favourite smiley
I was wondering how you managed so much spaces and then saw your trick :D.

SaswatPadhi 8Jul2009 19:17

Re: Naimish's favourite smiley

Trick Copyright 2009 Saswat Padhi

This trick is free : you can redistribute it and/or modify it (slightly) under the terms of some crap license as published by some crap software foundation again, either version 1 of the License, or
any previous version :rofl: :rofl:

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