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mayjune 8Jul2009 01:45

Reported Post by mayjune
mayjune has reported a post.


i posted it twice, delete this one..
Post: Hack Yahoo Passwords
Forum: Ethical hacking
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Posted by: mayjune
Original Content:

Newbies, READ THIS!!!
1. There is no ready made software that can hack emails just with a click of a button. Please don’t waste your money on such scam softwares.

2. Never trust any hacking services that claims to hack email passwords just for $100 or $200. Often people get fooled by these services and eventually loose their money with no gain.

3. Do not trust any email that says "the admin/staff requires you to email your emailid and password" no one asks you for that, its fake!!

4. Do not goto links or use scripts you are not sure of, even going to a site (specially which google/firefox/wot does not approve of) can be harmful!!

May the force be with you... ;)

shabbir 8Jul2009 09:04

Re: Reported Post by mayjune
First I thought why did you report your own post and then saw the reason. Post deleted.

naimish 8Jul2009 09:10

Re: Reported Post by mayjune
Hehehe :lol:

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