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coderzone 6Jul2009 20:28

Hack Yahoo Passwords
I was feeling a bit bored and so thought I would see what comes up when you search in Google for Hack Yahoo.

All the results that come up are for stealing your passwords and I hope Google rate this thread above all and that can help save many people from giving their passwords to other.

Remember : Never give your passwords to other for getting one more password, No matter how good that email address is.

All you ethical guys post here or blog about this thread so Google knows this is not just another password stealer thing but making people aware of the fraud.

shabbir 7Jul2009 10:12

Re: Hack Yahoo Passwords
This is a good initiative and I would also add links to this thread from my other blogs as well. Good work

naimish 7Jul2009 10:16

Re: Hack Yahoo Passwords
Yeah, this is the old trick people were using before ;) Yahoo Password Server :lol:

coderzone 7Jul2009 15:29

Re: Hack Yahoo Passwords

Originally Posted by shabbir (Post 51616)
This is a good initiative and I would also add links to this thread from my other blogs as well. Good work

Yes its very much needed.

mayjune 7Jul2009 15:32

Re: Hack Yahoo Passwords
yeah it came to me once too, i was suprised, but being cautious and i wanted to know if it was true...
i made a new account, send my email and new emails pass, and asked other mail to give me password of...
it gave me half password back...i don't know how it did, but it did give me half result... but it was fake..

and yeah i agree people become so blind in "i hacked his/her email" euphoria that they'll do anything (but easy way) to get it....

in fact people believe that yahoo admins are needing there password and they reply back with their password...why would admins need to ask for our password,
its like shabbir messaging us for our g4e passwords :p lol

naimish 7Jul2009 15:56

Re: Hack Yahoo Passwords
this one is nice, its like shabbir messaging us for our g4e passwords :lol:

mayjune 8Jul2009 01:43

Re: Hack Yahoo Passwords
Newbies, READ THIS!!!
1. There is no ready made software that can hack emails just with a click of a button. Please don’t waste your money on such scam softwares.

2. Never trust any hacking services that claims to hack email passwords just for $100 or $200. Often people get fooled by these services and eventually loose their money with no gain.

3. Do not trust any email that says "the admin/staff requires you to email your emailid and password" no one asks you for that, its fake!!

example this link - ( h*tp://members.tripod.com/uytuy_tyutut/id22.htm )

4. Do not goto links or use scripts you are not sure of, even going to a site (specially which google/firefox/wot does not approve of) can be harmful!!

May the force be with you... ;)

shabbir 8Jul2009 09:05

Re: Hack Yahoo Passwords
Do not link to such people and I have edited it

naimish 8Jul2009 09:12

Re: Hack Yahoo Passwords

It's a big old trick...but though, it was useful that time ;)

indiansword 8Jul2009 09:29

Re: Hack Yahoo Passwords

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