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shabbir 6Jul2009 15:54

Mosquito and Fly
What's the difference between a fly & a mosquito technically ?

naimish 6Jul2009 15:55

Re: Mosquito and Fly
A fly is an insect that lays eggs in meat which then turn into maggots and then as an adult fly away to eat and make more. Flys eat almost any food and to do it they vomit over the food item and suck up the remains. Flys have a compact and fairly heavy oval body that is sometimes covered with a coarse fur.
Mosquitos have very thin bodies, longer legs and longer thinner wings. The females have a long proboscis (nose) hose that they insert into skin to suck up blood which is used to nurish their eggs. They lay eggs on top of still water in little bubbles. The eggs hatch and the little mosquitos swim around in the water and the adults take flight to do the cycle all over again.

naimish 6Jul2009 16:03

Re: Mosquito and Fly
The word "fly", such as butterflies, are not related to the "fly" zoological order (Diptera).

The word "fly" has a non-technical meaning and a zoological meaning.

What we name fly in common usage is any of the insects of the family Muscidae.

Mosquitoes are common flying insects in the family Culicidae.

In the scientific sense, flies are all insects of the order Diptera, which contains among others, the families Muscidae and Culicidae.

xpi0t0s 6Jul2009 18:56

Re: Mosquito and Fly
A mosquito can find its way through the open half of a half open window.

xpi0t0s 6Jul2009 18:57

Re: Mosquito and Fly
hey, where's Edit Post gone?

Edit to the above: Navigation. A mos...etc.

xpi0t0s 6Jul2009 18:58

Re: Mosquito and Fly
Also mosquitos aren't stupid enough to lay eggs inside a warm monitor so that the babies can crawl all over the inside of it, driving the user (a) bananas and (b) to try something daft like squashing it so that its little corpse can remain in the middle of the screen for all eternity or until you dismantle or replace the monitor.

SaswatPadhi 6Jul2009 19:04

Re: Mosquito and Fly
A mosquito can fly.
But fly can't mosquito !

Simple as that, is it ??

SaswatPadhi 6Jul2009 19:05

Re: Mosquito and Fly
A similar one :

A fly can fly.
But mosquito can't mosquito ! :rofl: :rofl: :D

nimesh 6Jul2009 19:59

Re: Mosquito and Fly
fly is an indirect infector without pain
mosquito is a direct infector with pain

nice and funny answers from all :)

coderzone 6Jul2009 20:35

Re: Mosquito and Fly
There should be something technical about it. May be the Saswat's one

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