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Asim 4Jul2009 07:34

Mounting ISO without rebooting..?

I'm trying to create the Vista Recovery Disk. I have all the requisite programs, but it's the mounting part that I can't do. I can only use this Vista in Safe Mode, so whenever I reboot the computer (as PowerISO demands), it seems I always have to start normally. Then the computer freezes, as if rebooting hasn't helped at all.

Is there a way, or a certain ISO program that I can use without having to reboot the computer to 'normal' mode?

I suppose I could get someone else to do this for me, but because of where I am that might take me a week, too much time.

Asim 4Jul2009 11:05

Re: Mounting ISO without rebooting..?
OK I solved that problem. But the Startup Repair option didn't help me get out of my predicament. I guess I have to go back to square one and start all over again.

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