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Izaan 3Jul2009 11:09

Higher Pagerank
What are the steps to get better and higher Pagerank?

shabbir 3Jul2009 11:11

Re: Higher Pagerank
Good quality backlinks only.

stephen186 6Jul2009 15:05

Re: Higher Pagerank
Get backlinks from high PR do follow webpages........and pagerank juice will get passed on to your site..

naimish 6Jul2009 15:06

Re: Higher Pagerank
what about an adertisements ?

naimish 6Jul2009 15:09

Re: Higher Pagerank
Quality of Context, Advertisement, Backlinks, Articles about the same, etc, etc :)

shabbir 6Jul2009 15:50

Re: Higher Pagerank
Advertisements are not direct links but a redirect of mainly Javascript type and so it would not help in Pagerank of Google.

naimish 6Jul2009 15:52

Re: Higher Pagerank
Hmm....now I understand why Google PR is not reflacting for my site :(

yohan 8Jul2009 04:45

Re: Higher Pagerank
Do both On-Page and Off-Page Optimization!..

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