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KaytiSweet 8Nov2006 07:34

Simple Joke about world 0
Home loan paid for hip surgery Surgery The oepration was done in South Africa A Norfolk woman remortgaged her house to pay for a hip operation in South Africa. Pat Adams, of King's Lynn, borrowed ?6,000 to pay for the treatment because she could not bear the pain while waiting for surgery on the NHS. Mrs Adams is now back home and well after surgery at the Panorama Hospital in Cape Town. She has praised the treatment she received. 'Kind people' "I'm glad I went. There is nothing now that would have made me wait to have the operation done locally,"she said. "The wait was originally 15 months, then it came down to five months when I complained. "But I don't think it would have been done in five months - it would have been cancelled. "They just haven't got the staff and the beds for you. "Going to Cape Town was definitely worth it. "They are wonderful people. They were very, very kind and I would go back there - for the kindness and the standard." Waiting times She said there were several other people from Norfolk in the same hospital for various operations. King's Lynn and Wisbech Hospitals NHS Trust said they did everything they could to reduce waiting times for all patients. The trust had Mrs Adams listed for a hip replacement operation in October. Hospital managers said they appreciated that any wait for an operation was going to seem too long to the individual patient.

Vromoth 8Nov2006 09:32

Re: Simple Joke about world 0
I don't quite get the joke, but welcome anyway.

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