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shabbir 29Jun2009 20:00

Blind Mans' Dream
We always see a common question about dreams that "Do you dream in color?" but suddenly a question came to my mind as to what does a blind ( by birth ) human see in his dream ?

SaswatPadhi 30Jun2009 00:31

Re: Blind Mans' Dream
Do the Blind Literally "See" in Their Dreams? A Critique of a Recent Claim That They Do : http://psychology.ucsc.edu/dreams/Li...kerr_2004.html

The Dreams of Blind Men and Women: A Replication and Extension of Previous Findings : http://psychology.ucsc.edu/dreams/Li...itz_1999a.html

senaratne 30Jun2009 07:54

Re: Blind Mans' Dream
I followed both links given by SaswatPadhi. They confirmed what I always thought.

To put it simply, blind people do dream but not in pictures.

naimish 30Jun2009 08:30

Re: Blind Mans' Dream
Agree with senaratne, they can't see pictures, but they can dream, whatever they think about.

senaratne 30Jun2009 13:37

Re: Blind Mans' Dream
Agreed, naimish.

BTW, I have confirmed your friendship request

!Newbie! 30Jun2009 17:45

Re: Blind Mans' Dream
It would be fascinating to know what they actually dream about though

senaratne 1Jul2009 00:03

Re: Blind Mans' Dream

Originally Posted by !Newbie! (Post 50828)
It would be fascinating to know what they actually dream about though

I guess, through sense of touch, smell (olfactory), sound (auditory), taste and so on. :undecided

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