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indiansword 28Jun2009 04:27

Pay for traffic?
Recently i noticed a website on different forums. They claim that they will get u traffic if you pay them. And the name of unique visitors are in 1000s. I am confused if they just give ya PINGS from different IP, or its organic traffic. Has someone tried it? Or can someone ellaborate it?

Source : Click Here to goto that site


shabbir 28Jun2009 10:36

Re: Pay for traffic?
Paid traffic is always unreal visits.

Also It should not be in Web Design forum and moved to the right forum

indiansword 29Jun2009 02:42

Re: Pay for traffic?
I know it'd be unreal visits but heres the main thing that i m concerned with:

1. Eventhough they are unreal visits, will it still reflect in my awastats?
2. Will it help me to jump over on alexa?

Sorry to post that in wrong forum.

shabbir 29Jun2009 08:58

Re: Pay for traffic?
For Alexa it may but that the last thing you should be considering it. Google could not hit No1 spot in Alexa for years.

callyS 16Oct2009 12:09

Re: Pay for traffic?
Buying traffic is a bad idea. There are many other ways to get traffic to your website and if you are willing to pay money. If you have money to burn, then buying traffic is for you, just think of all the free ways you can target traffic if only you apply some planned effort.

satyedra pal 18May2010 11:48

Re: Pay for traffic?
You can get traffic of your website by pay some amount as in the form of Adwords or we can say, CPC and PPC are used for getting traffic in a paid manner.

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