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SaswatPadhi 27Jun2009 07:30

$1 Daily Contest Payment
Earlier I used to receive the $1 without any fees, as 1.00 USD. But since 21 Jun, I have been receiving it as 0.67 USD (1.00 USD - 0.33 USD as fee). :confused:
So, I have 3 payment with 0.67 USD instead of 1.00 USD. (which results in a net loss of 1.00 USD as fees :( )

This was not happening earlier. Has PayPal changed it's rules ?
Is this happening to me only, or others too ??
(nimesh and xpi0t0s, please answer)

Can anyone explain me, why the fees are not charged till 17 June and why are they charged since 21 June ?????

shabbir 27Jun2009 07:47

Re: $1 Daily Contest Payment
For Personal Account there is not fees but for business account there is a fees.

Also if you transfer as Personal Payment fees is limited and if you transfer as Business its fees are high. I always tend to make a personal payment.

SaswatPadhi 27Jun2009 07:56

Re: $1 Daily Contest Payment
But, I have a personal account only.
It's linked to my SBI account.

SaswatPadhi 27Jun2009 08:04

Re: $1 Daily Contest Payment
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@ shabbir:
Are you sure of sending them as "Personal" and not as "Purchase" ??
Or, may be you sent the money not from your PayPal balance, but from bank acc or PayPal Credit. See below :

The fees charged, are as per the rates mentioned above, so may be you transferred them as purchase.

xpi0t0s 27Jun2009 12:17

Re: $1 Daily Contest Payment
I got 2 payments, the first a Payment From for $1 with no fees, and the second a Gift From with a fee of $0.01. I don't know if the fee is due to currency conversion, the payment type, other fees or whatever.

shabbir 27Jun2009 14:59

Re: $1 Daily Contest Payment
0.01 Fees is always there and at times I forget to uncheck that and they charge me. :D

shabbir 27Jun2009 15:01

Re: $1 Daily Contest Payment
@Saswat, Payment is always in the form of Personal but I am not quite sure if I have missed on some occasion. I try to take the effort of selecting personal.

Also if you have some fees you can issue a refund and I would do the repay. Make sure its a refund and not a payment.

SaswatPadhi 27Jun2009 18:06

Re: $1 Daily Contest Payment
OK. I have refunded 3 payments.
PayPal also refunded the fees.

Please re-pay soon.

SaswatPadhi 28Jun2009 08:01

Re: $1 Daily Contest Payment
OK. I received the prize for 27 June $1 contest. And I received it as 1.00 USD, no fees ! :)

[[ But, I still haven't got back the 3.00 USD that I sent you back ]]

shabbir 28Jun2009 10:38

Re: $1 Daily Contest Payment
$3 paid and I think you should have waited at least 24 hours before asking.

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