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Safari 26Jun2009 17:14

Steps in SEO
Can any senior member ( including Shabbir ) tell me the basic steps of SEO which they tend to use for websites.

shabbir 27Jun2009 07:54

Re: Steps in SEO
There are no definitive Steps but then we can have something very rough like

Get all your On page factors like Hxs, Metas, code to content ratio optimization
Then go for some back link building to the main domain
Also get the good and unique content started.
Make the title / content such that it ranks well automatically in Google.

yohan 1Jul2009 06:19

Re: Steps in SEO
Here are some factors you have to remember when optimizing your site:

1. CONTENT - content is king.
2. On-Page Optimization - keywords, meta tags, title tags, description
3. Off-Page Optimization - building links [article & directory submissions, blog commenting, social
bookmarking, link exchange, forum posting, classified ads, press releases]

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