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bettinz 25Jun2009 15:24

Jsp, Ajax and SQL..possible?
Hi all,
sorry for my english. ;)
I'm a beginner of JSP and Ajax..I'm trying to create a social network like facebook for an university project. Now i'm stuck in the "Update Status" section: i'm looking for an option to update my status when I click on the update button.
I think it's like this:
Ajax send the "Sql Insert query" and update the page without refreshing.
But..how can I create that? I googled for it but no interesting results..

No PHP allowed.

Can you help me? :)

Thanks in advance..

shabbir 25Jun2009 15:48

Re: Jsp, Ajax and SQL..possible?
Yes. Its very much possible

bettinz 25Jun2009 16:46

Re: Jsp, Ajax and SQL..possible?
thanks for the reply.. :)
can you link me any guide or how-to example?

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