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Rafales 23Jun2009 15:28

How to remote upload File / Folder in a 403: Forbidden / Write protected directory
Hi Friends,

This is purely Ethical hacking and it is a test for me. so please help me in this issue. its urgent.

I want to create / remote upload a File and Folder in the Web Server that has got vulnerabilities.

Example host:

Server Type: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
Server Side: PHP/ASP
Application Server: PHP
Web Server: IIS, IIS6

Note: The website / webserver has got lots of vulnerabilities like Blind SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, PHP Remote File Inclusion, SQL Injection, Stored Cross-Site Scripting, Windows File Parameter Alteration, Link Injection (facilitates Cross-Site Request Forgery), Unencrypted Login Request etc....

Exampel URL:

Now I want to create a Folder and remote upload a File under the "gulli_database" directory. The "gulli_database" directory is write protected / 403: Forbidden.

Please help me how to create a Folder and remote upload the file under "gulli_database" directory. Is there any scripts / exploits to bypass the the folder protection and write in the folder.

The File and folder should be uploaded remotely. The gulli_database/ is Forbidden / Write Protected for any users. Only admins can write inside the folder. Anonymously I have to bypass it and write into that folder "gulli_database/". Are there any commands / scripts I can execute in the URL of the browser or any tools exist to bypass the permissions of the folder and remote upload to the write protected directory.

I tried the http put/mkcol methods but doesnt work. i can view the contents of the directory. there is a guest book "comment" field where scripts can be injected.

I am connecting to my remote server. webdav is enable but put and mkcol method is disabled. there is also a guest book that is vulnerable to injection.

please guide me how to go about.

Thanks and Regards

Hex00010 21Jul2009 22:37

Re: How to remote upload File / Folder in a 403: Forbidden / Write protected director
You stated

PHP Remote File Inclusion

Thats your number 1 bet to allow a remote file upload = RFI where

i would show examples but unfortunately we can not even post 2 links on post

google RFI examples/ tutuorials

you also stated XSS if the XSS is a permenant XSS and not client side then you can setup a .js script onto a remote folder and inject the site with a xss that logs the account information

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