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biztrendz 22Jun2009 20:43

What is Social Networking
Hi to all,

Just new here and would like to know about what really is social networking and social bookmarking. I recently started my career in SEO and I would like to know various aspects of search engine optimiztion and link popularity.

Thanks and enjoy...

shabbir 22Jun2009 21:03

Re: What is Social Networking
SEO is nothing to do with Social Networking / Social Bookmarking but when you post your link into sites like digg / stumbleupon / facebook you tend to get links to your site and so the so called SEO expert include them into SEO but its actually not.

biztrendz 22Jun2009 23:08

Re: What is Social Networking
Hi, Brother

Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it.

Bro, according to you, social bookmarking is all about "getting links to your site"...

Correct me if I am wrong, but Bro, does SEO not include BACKLINKS as an important factor of high SERPs??? Because, I've heard that the more backlinks I have from reputable websites, the more higher ranking I can get on search engines. It means that backlinks are a vital part of SEO!!!

Do share your knowledge about that. Looking forward for your reply.

Take care...

shabbir 23Jun2009 09:10

Re: What is Social Networking
No. Thats the misconception of all so called SEO Expert.

Look at Google Algorithm.

If you get a Link from a PR3 Page and assuming you are the only link on that page.
If you get a Link from a PR3 Page and assuming there are 50 more links on that page.
If you get a Link from a domain where the page has no PR and you are not the only one who is linked.

By PR I mean the actual PR and not toolbar PR which is updated randomly.

So its all about getting good quality links but I do not rule out the Social Bookmarking benefits but after certain point its waste of time but its a good option to start with and do at times but should not be source of your SEO which is the case for many

stephen186 26Jun2009 00:42

Re: What is Social Networking
overdoing of social bookmarking or social networking can ruin your seo campaign.

Regarding backlink role in SEO...they are important but you need to have some good quality content also along with backlinks.

Google wants you to get backlinks naturally and that can be acheived if you have a good quality content. Try to increase linkability of your site by posting quality content and everybody would link to your site..

Remember search engines and user are after quality information so concentrate on that first.

ritz10 26Jun2009 11:16

Re: What is Social Networking
Social Networking means joining/building communities of people with similar interest or even not so similar interest but wanted to explore others interest and activities. Since network building and relationship is the key to every marketing strategy, it becomes obvious that marketers are utilizing these social networking platforms with vested interests that can be brand building, brand promotion, traffic driving, user acquisition or anything else. Some of the popular social networking sites are: Orkut in India and SA. Facebook in U.S, UK and India, Myspace in US and the list is endless.

Social Bookmarking: This extends your ability of bookmarking on your personal computer and accessing it from anywhere in the world as your bookmarks are available on web through these social bookmarking sites delicious, digg, stumbleupon, reddit, etc.

Social bookmarking helps in link building but that doesn't mean you create your 100 ID's on social bookmarking sites and bookmark your pages. It can work only when you content is worth bookmarking and people bookmark it genuinely from various geographies or multiple IPs.

yohan 8Jul2009 04:46

Re: What is Social Networking
Social networking like facebook and twitter!..

HaydenH 14Jul2009 18:28

Re: What is Social Networking
Social networking sites have been around for quite some times but they have just gained more popularity over the recent years with a few of the most well known being FaceBook and MySpace.

The networking sites are designed for friends to keep in touch or so that people can find new friends of similar interests. When you sign up for the sites, you get a personal profile page where you can post a profile picture and some descriptions about you as well as list interests and such. The profile page can be customized and you can make it really personal.

remoteworkmate 14Jul2009 23:52

Re: What is Social Networking
Social Networking and Web 2.0 are the same thing if you are not yet aware of it. But he best thing about them is that they will get bigger and bigger as time goes by.

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