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laSraliss 21Jun2009 17:06

Last Page
We intentionally avoid hyphenating the last word on a page, so this is a feature, not a bug. The idea is that the reader doesnt have to turn forwards/back a page in order to read the first/last word on the page. Is this something that you would like control over?

senaratne 21Jun2009 20:42

Re: Welcome to the forum.
Right. It is my practice, too, to avoid hyphenating. You're right. Hyphen is always a botheration to the reader.

I'm sure all have noted newspapers all over world have adopted that practice because they always try to make reading easy to the busy reader.

BTW, I wonder whether admins can make this a new thread.

shabbir 21Jun2009 21:09

Re: Last Page
Done that

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