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mayjune 20Jun2009 17:03

Reported Post by mayjune
mayjune has reported a post.


looks like asking for hacking favours, didnt say directly as would lead to instant ban... check it, also not that poster has only one post....
Mods please be alert in these stuff...
Post: Viruses
Forum: Ethical hacking
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Posted by: Muaz
Original Content:

Hi, This post of mine is very knowledgable and may enhance the information of the viewers , however I would like some specific information for myself. If someone can help me then please send me a private message. Best Regards,

SaswatPadhi 20Jun2009 18:25

Re: Reported Post by mayjune
Look at the date, mayjune !!
It's something in 2007 !!! :surprised :surprised

mayjune 20Jun2009 19:22

Re: Reported Post by mayjune
ok my apologie, i guess i am being hyper a bit..

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