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priyad 19Jun2009 23:43

Puzzle/ 19 June 09
Odd one out?


SaswatPadhi 19Jun2009 23:48

Re: Puzzle/ 19 June 09
In the way you wrote it (small case), urs can be the one as it has no closed curves : all letters are open ended.

You should mention, in which sense, you select the "odd" one out.

mayjune 20Jun2009 00:37

Re: Puzzle/ 19 June 09
Ans : can is the only actual English word.

i agree with saswat, although on the flipside if she does give you in what sense, it'll be more easier...(until unless its really specific or tough)
so i guess its an open odd one out ;)

SaswatPadhi 20Jun2009 00:44

Re: Puzzle/ 19 June 09
Is it really this hard, or I am thinking very critical ??!?


So, the above six, form meaningful English words when combined with 2 vowels and re-arranged.
But VULP + (any two vowels) --> No meaningful word.

So, VULP is odd one out !!

Priya, you should mention the sense in which it's "odd".

mayjune 20Jun2009 00:50

Re: Puzzle/ 19 June 09
hehe priya is caught in another controversy... i guess shes gonna have a lot of coffee next time before posting the question :p

xpi0t0s 20Jun2009 03:37

Re: Puzzle/ 19 June 09
cerv, because all the others take "-ine" to make a word, cerv takes "-ix".

xpi0t0s 20Jun2009 03:39

Re: Puzzle/ 19 June 09
Correction: uemc, because there's no such word as uemcine. However cervine DOES exist (just looked it up). So all the rest make words when extended with -ine.

SaswatPadhi 20Jun2009 07:10

Re: Puzzle/ 19 June 09

Originally Posted by mayjune (Post 50050)
hehe priya is caught in another controversy... i guess shes gonna have a lot of coffee next time before posting the question :p

LOL ! :rofl:

@ xpi0t0s :
Your answer is also valid. But I wonder whose answer is Priya, going to prefer ??

priyad 20Jun2009 12:43

Re: Puzzle/ 19 June 09
Aaah, go4expert members are hard to please. When the hint is given for the question-i.e., in which sense it is odd, it will become too easy to answer. Then again who wants easy question? I dont mind controversies as long as you all rack your brains before hitting the answer and have some fun too in the process :)

xpi0t0s has got the RIGHT answer- there is no word uemcine, however all others become meaningful words when "ine" is added....Congrats :)

again good thinking by Saswat, however is ALIFE a single word?

nimesh 20Jun2009 12:45

Re: Puzzle/ 19 June 09
I also think it's uemc
But my reason is different, it contains 2 vowels whereas all others contain only 1 vowel.

Even I would say that there should be some hint.
If there is no hint and it's an open odd one out, all the people who opt for the correct answer (no matter what reason, as long as their reason is unique and first to appear) should get the prize.

Like in this case, if uemc comes out as the correct answer, we have 2 people who chose uemc with different reasons: xpi0t0s and myself :D

what do others (including Priya and Shabbir) think?

Priya is again caught in mess :lol:
And I thought Priya was going to post the new question after the morning coffee?:cheers:
priya: What timezone do you follow? ;)

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