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deviljin 19Jun2009 19:37

Assembly language Questions?
we just started assembly language programming at school and i have no idea about the language as of now. :D. We are not using any assembler yet.

We are basically starting at the basics.

our professor gaves an assignment even we have not started coding yet. tried searching the net but unfortunately i dont understand any of it yet.:disappoin:beadyeyes

Thankfully i found this website and as i was going over the forums. i can see that you guys really help us each other a lot. so i decided to join and hopefully you can help me learn more about assembly language. :D

>>> here's the assignment :
I need to print :
5, 55, 5 5, 5 55, and

as of know i located the answer for the first question. but i'm confused with the rest. if any of you guys could assist me on this. i'll be in your debt. thanks..

xpi0t0s 19Jun2009 20:58

Re: Assembly language Questions?
Perhaps it's just an assessment of where you're all at. Was previous knowledge a pre-requisite for the course? If not then snagging a working example off someone on the net won't necessarily help you - it'll give the wrong impression that you already know how to code.

Maybe you should mention to your professor that you haven't got a clue, that's why you're on the course, and how does he expect you to complete an assignment when he hasn't given you any skills yet.

deviljin 19Jun2009 21:34

Re: Assembly language Questions?
yup your right.... actually what i'm doing is studying in advance. i basically looking for the codes to do this then i'll study the codes.. unfortunately i read the book but the book is very confusing.

xpi0t0s 19Jun2009 22:00

Re: Assembly language Questions?
hmm, so why didn't you say that instead of "our professor gaves an assignment"? Something smells fishy...

Sound like you need another book, or perhaps if you've got time to study ahead maybe you should start programming in some other language that's a lot simpler, such as Basic (don't knock it, I started with Basic). Once you've got your head round programming you can then drop into Assembler without too much difficulty.

deviljin 19Jun2009 22:13

Re: Assembly language Questions?
hehehe.. my bad....:p hehehe.
for assembly i dont know anything about it yet. i mean. i stopped schooling for almost 5 years. so when i encountered assembly language it interest me. ;). so that is why i'm researching. studying in advance. :wacky:. but even though i may need help from people who knows how to. hehehe

xpi0t0s 19Jun2009 23:44

Re: Assembly language Questions?
Assembly language is highly dependent on the hardware and so there's no single way to print whatever combination of 5's you want, and in some cases there may be no way to print a 5 at all, for example if you've got a PIC connected to a single LED then you can only switch that LED on or off.

So what hardware are you using?

deviljin 20Jun2009 00:31

Re: Assembly language Questions?
actually we are not on hardware yet. basically we are just starting. I mean we are still using DOS prompt to put the codes in.

mayjune 20Jun2009 01:30

Re: Assembly language Questions?
i think if you guys are starting then you might be starting with 8086, we were taught alp's with that using TASM as the software for it...
check your syllabus (ask your teacher or your find out in library),
they'll tell you two three reference as well as text books for you to start with... it'll have basic programs which you can start with..

deviljin 20Jun2009 02:04

Re: Assembly language Questions?
ok. thanks. i'll ask him.

xpi0t0s 20Jun2009 03:50

Re: Assembly language Questions?

Originally Posted by deviljin (Post 50044)
actually we are not on hardware yet. basically we are just starting. I mean we are still using DOS prompt to put the codes in.

lol. And the DOS prompt is running on what hardware? Or is it just somehow running in empty space?

A PC is still hardware. So the instruction set is most likely x86, and for printing characters to the screen you need a software interrupt - don't know which as I don't know much about programming PCs at the assembly level. Google "pc assembly programming" - this returned about 311,000 results when I just tried it and there should be something in there to get you started. These all look relevant:

- this has TASM examples you can work through and Chapter 8 deals with screen output and INT 21 (the software interrupt for displaying to the screen).

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