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mayjune 22Aug2009 06:18

Re: My Game: Egg Catcher
It was ok. When there were two many eggs, the graphics didnt go smooth. My name was going out of the screen (either limit the number of lettters to be accepted or something). What i didnt like was that, movment wasn't smooth enough to enjoy the game, i don't know how you'll make it smooth coz i know its all on delays and clrscr() (i assume). Over all 3/5....

shipra123 26Oct2009 18:40

Re: My Game: Egg Catcher
can you please help what exactly is BGI Graphics?

mani999 2Aug2010 15:22

Re: My Game: Egg Catcher

It is a good program and i want to learn more about of this game. Please you can suggest to me.

I hope a nice reply

parrytellus 24Aug2010 15:23

Re: My Game: Egg Catcher

Thanks many to share the game programming...!!! meet again.


umairaraza100 29Jul2011 12:26

Re: My Game: Egg Catcher
well its nice graphically game

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