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mayjune 19Jun2009 00:16

Page Load Error
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Hi shabbir,
I have been facing this page load error from few days.... (i had already told you about it)
The thing is i don't face it at a particular place and nor at a particular time...its random
Just now again i faced..i have attached the pic of it..
Steps taken:-
1) I went to the main site go4expert.
2) From there i went to 1 $ comptn, got page load error.
3) I refreshed it, again i got it.
4) I manually edited url to go4exepert, got the same error.
5) Went to my email where i had a link from go4expert, clicked on it, and it started working again.
6) Sometimes that didnt help either ..so i am not sure whats really wrong...nor i know what makes it work again.

It doesnt happen a lot. Is anyone else facing the same problem?

shabbir 19Jun2009 10:07

Re: Page Load Error
Looks like the issue is with your internet connection because you have one Tab where you have Go4Expert.com open and at times it cannot find the server to the site.

SaswatPadhi 19Jun2009 12:21

Re: Page Load Error
This happens to me too !! :( :(
I also thought thought it was something with my Internet Connection, but why doesn't it happen with other sites, when it happens with G4EF ?

shabbir 19Jun2009 12:35

Re: Page Load Error
If the problem occurred when we did Yet Another Server Move the reason could be DNS propogation but if you still see the same problem coming up too often do let me know and I would see if this is something to do with the DNS once again.

mayjune 19Jun2009 13:21

Re: Page Load Error
i agree with saswat, whenever i face this, i can surf other sites google or any infact....
if it was net connection problem then i wouldnt be able to surf other sites too, would I?
btw i faced it once more after posting the thread..

shabbir 19Jun2009 14:31

Re: Page Load Error
The same argument also stands right for 250+ members who are browsing the site currently that there is no problem.

One thing could be the DNS of your ISP is not able to resolve it to the ip address.

shabbir 19Jun2009 15:08

Re: Page Load Error
Hey Guys I found an Error in DNS which came up when I entered the DNS value in the host file for http://my.go4expert.com/ and now I have corrected it.

This is also now confirmed here which showed the error before and I hope when this gets resolved the problem would disappear

mayjune 19Jun2009 15:12

Re: Page Load Error
thanks i am glad...i was growing suspicious of my net connection ;)

SaswatPadhi 19Jun2009 17:43

Re: Page Load Error

Originally Posted by mayjune (Post 49957)
thanks i am glad...i was growing suspicious of my net connection ;)

Yeah me too ! :p

Thanx shabbir.

shabbir 19Jun2009 17:50

Re: Page Load Error
The pleasure is all mine.

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