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HotHead123 18Jun2009 21:16

Hacking mIRC
Hey guys i'm sorry if i post in the wrong spot. Well here go's, i been asking around and my friends say the easiest way to start of hacking is by hacking mIRC, i was just wondering if i could get some help on what i need to do it, and how to use the set tool's.

Hex00010 21Jul2009 22:40

Re: Hacking mIRC
Hmmm as far as im aware of mIRC is not vulnerable yet u should have asked this question in 2001 where there was tons of exploits for mIRC if your new to this whole scene i dont recommend you to start on mIRC i reccomend you do do basic stuff such as setup a lan network and and try to gain access to your own pc

The most best and ethical way ever

HotHead123 26Jul2009 13:43

Re: Hacking mIRC
can u help me with that ?

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