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Neverdiez 17Jun2009 17:54

SQL cannot start !!!
Hi guys

This is my situation. I had sql running on a PC, on the PC there where 2 local drives( A c: and s:) SQL was installed on the S: We had to S: removed and put on another PC. We also renamed that computer. SQL cannot start now, I have mapped the S: that was taken out the PC to S:. Is there any way I can get it started without reloading?

I know, you must be thinking what an idiot....but I had no choice.

SaswatPadhi 17Jun2009 18:14

Re: SQL cannot start !!!
[[ This should be moved to OS/Windows sub-forum, 'cuz it's not related to SQL Server ]]

You MUST reinstall SQL.

When you installed SQL in you previous PC, although the program files were in S:, the program registry settings were in C: (within the OS). So, even if you re-assign the drive letter to S, the program would fail to load because it cannot find the registry keys on the new computer !

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