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priyad 11Jun2009 23:08

Game/11 June 09
Something on a trial basis today...Why only puzzles ...So here is the question for today-

What is the difference between a good judge and a great judge?

1-Yeah, go ahead and google it, you will get the answer immediately and notice its just a joke. BUT the winner will be whoever posts the most hilarious answer or the most unique one

2-Winner will be announced by me and if any confusions, admin will finally decide

3- Question will be open for the next whole day. Exactly 24 hours. Also hopefully eveyone will be able to give it a shot.

SaswatPadhi 11Jun2009 23:13

Re: Game/11 June 09
Nice deviation from the geeky puzzles !

But how do you define the "most" unique / hilarious ?
How do you define the word most, which obviously will vary from person to person ?

priyad 11Jun2009 23:40

Re: Game/11 June 09

Originally Posted by SaswatPadhi (Post 49408)
Nice deviation from the geeky puzzles !


In this context, the most hilarious would be what the (self-appointed) judge (me!) finds most hilarious.
In case no one comes up with something like that, then the most unique- i.e, most different or out-of-the-box sort of answer will be chosen.

(But in case of any issues with my "judgement" ...we can bank on admin to check out and decide. )

Mridula 12Jun2009 13:52

Re: Game/11 June 09
Good judge can read the person very well and correctly
by their, facial expression, dressing, behaviour, the way they treat others,
on first meeting itself ; )
The decisions of a good judge may not be acceptable by everyone.

Great judge has great natural ability, with a commanding
presence, Also the gift of expressing himself in the clearest manner.
The person who has empathy and has Good Heart.
Great judge is the person who judges a person by the way he calls a waiter in a Hotel ; )

nimesh 12Jun2009 14:18

Re: Game/11 June 09
@Mridula: Nice reply

Bole toh, munna ke bapu ki yaad aa gayi
:lol: :lol: :lol:

nimesh 12Jun2009 14:45

Re: Game/11 June 09
Googled and found this: :)

What's the difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer?
A good lawyer knows the law. A great lawyer knows the judge.

Mridula 12Jun2009 15:08

Re: Game/11 June 09

Exactly, I rememered Munna Bhai !!
BTW, Priya has asked about Judges not Lawyers : )


SaswatPadhi 12Jun2009 18:41

Re: Game/11 June 09
This is a crazy one by me :

A good judge and a great judge, if asked to judge a rose and a cabbage; will conclude :
(*) A good judge would conclude that rose smells better than cabbage.
(*) A great judge would conclude that, as rose smells better than cabbage; it would make a better soup !

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

nightmare7570 12Jun2009 22:12

Re: Game/11 June 09
this one is by me ..
a good judge and a great judge where putted in a competition .. whoever stays longer with a pig in a small room wins .. so the good judge went in .. 30 mins later he ran out saying EWWWWWW SMELLS LIKE HELL ! ..
great judge went in .. after 5mins the pig ran out .. EWWWWWW WHAT THE F*** IS THAT SMELL !


asadullah.ansari 13Jun2009 11:57

Re: Game/11 June 09
Good question!!!
By any way people have answered...
Difference in word "GOOD" and "GREAT"

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