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danykey 11Jun2009 15:31

Welcome To Live CAPTCHA!
Hi to all, I had made a new anti-bot service with the Adobe Flash panel.
I think that the flash panel more convenient and quicker than the approach with distorted text.
Also service enough secure. I'm ready to reply to questions.
Live CAPTCHA is an alternative to reCAPTCHA.

Yes, the design of site is very plain because I'm not a designer. Sorry. :)

livecaptcha dot net

Service is free.
Welcome! :)

shabbir 11Jun2009 15:47

Re: Welcome To Live CAPTCHA!
You can ask for review after reviewing 3 other sites and use signature to link to your sites.

danykey 11Jun2009 15:56

Re: Welcome To Live CAPTCHA!
Opps...I did't know. (

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