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hamziak 10Jun2009 22:56

binary files
hello there who can help?
i want to create binary file with C#.
and want to save "c sharp is eazy "
and because its a binary file type if any one edit it he will dont know what written in it
he will get some thing like this
->\|’>(%x4ˆ}ֹµ%!רצIO׃ֱ1»ֹ4x(™Ÿ”ף ­y_A×Gֳז˜‘ LO׀S Bb<<Skק¥"D$¥->\|’>(%x4ˆ}ֹµ%!רצIO׃ֱ1»ֹ4x(™Ÿ”ף ­y_A×Gֳז˜‘ LO׀S Bb<<Skק¥"D$¥פƒג8H”ׂlt;ל3’”|w„‎´IK”ה~*2uOהRR‎ yJ}ׂšN¾z$×d8Mּ₪˜Ž#ֱ%2JS&4ך’©‘ו#פ|׃J~tIJ$Bnב )’™נ„”¿ק¥ֲa:₪{‘ק$¥ּ%אš`GtrJTר¥:„¾žt’R‎¾=“י Mּ


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