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puneetnepsam 10Jun2009 14:58

Conflicting type error
i am writing a c code for microcontroller in the mplab compiler

typedef struct __attribute__ ((packed))
 unsigned char ser_time_out_flag:1;
 unsigned char usb_time_out_flag:1;
 unsigned char sms_time_out_flag:1;
 unsigned char gprs_time_out_flag:1;
 unsigned char wr_power_log_flag:1;
 unsigned char sms_rx_flag:1;
typedef struct __attribute__ ((packed))     
 unsigned char rxd_byte_ctr;
 unsigned char total_bytes;
 unsigned char cmd_type;
 unsigned char start_addr;
 unsigned char cal_checksum;
 unsigned char rxd_checksum;
 unsigned char ack_nack_byte;
 unsigned reception_start:1;
 unsigned pro_data:1;
typedef struct __attribute__ ((packed))
  unsigned char  CmdBuf[RCV_BUFFER_SIZE];
  unsigned char  SerCmdTotalByte;
  unsigned      SerRcvDataInFlag:1;    // a global flag set when UART data Rcved
  unsigned      SerRcvCmdType  :2;    // CMD_GET or CMD_SET
  unsigned char  UsbCmdTotalByte;
  unsigned      UsbRcvDataInFlag:1;    // a global flag set when USB data Rcved
  unsigned      UsbRcvCmdType  :2;    // CMD_GET or CMD_SET 

following errors are coming:

serial.h:60: error: conflicting types for 'S_GLOBAL_FLAG'
serial.h:60: error: previous declaration of 'S_GLOBAL_FLAG' was here
serial.h:73: error: conflicting types for 'S_SER_INFO'
serial.h:73: error: previous declaration of 'S_SER_INFO' was here
serial.h:86: error: conflicting types for 'S_CMD_BUF_INFO'
serial.h:86: error: previous declaration of 'S_CMD_BUF_INFO' was here

can anyone please tell me the problem and how to rectify it!!!

xpi0t0s 10Jun2009 19:24

Re: Conflicting type error
Use code blocks please.

Are you including serial.h twice in the same code?
For example if you include serial.h and foo.h, and foo.h itself includes serial.h, then the answer to this question is yes.
A common solution to multiple includes is to add something along the following lines:

#ifndef _SERIAL_H_
#define _SERIAL_H_

// serial.h contents


Then when you include serial.h the first time, _SERIAL_H_ isn't defined, #ifndef evaluates TRUE and _SERIAL_H_ is defined. The second time serial.h is referenced the #ifndef evaluates FALSE and you don't get duplicate definitions.

puneetnepsam 10Jun2009 19:33

Re: Conflicting type error
thanks a lot buddy....
my problem got solved....:charming:

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