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devwdapi 5Jun2009 14:38

Communication between applications / Datagrid
Hi all,

I’m making an application which must access data in the windows of other applications (applications made by other companies).
To find the window of the other applications I find the ‘Handle’ which allow Microsoft Windows to identify all the elements existing in the interface.

My problem is that I can not access data available in components like dataGrid, stringGrid, … where MS Windows only see one handle of one window for the whole set of elements in the dataGrid.

I use the software ‘Greatis Windowse’ to identify the ‘handle’ of each element (where I can see the class of the elements too). For example I can easily identify all elements : the application main window, the text field, the button, ...

So I can easily retrieve the text in the text areas and force the click of the buttons [with PostMessage(TheHandle,WM_LBUTTONDOWN,MK_LBUTTON,0)]

But with the same functions when I want to know information about the stingGrid, I have only one handle which identify the object in its whole entirety (whatever the part of the object I ask).

How can I retrieve data in a cell of a datagrid ? Any idea is welcome.



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