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priyad 3Jun2009 23:28

Puzzle/ 3 June 09
"X" is an ancient language, when one letter is removed it becomes a part of human face.

What is "X" and what is the part of human face it becomes upon losing one letter.

SaswatPadhi 4Jun2009 08:22

Re: Puzzle/ 3 June 09
Can we re-arrange the word formed after losing one letter to get the part of face ?

In that case, "PALI" - "A" = "PLI" -> "LIP"

priyad 4Jun2009 22:00

Re: Puzzle/ 3 June 09
Good answer, but no re-arranging, so not the right answer. Open for answering till tomorrow.

(where are the other go4expert members??!?! This becoming a one-man show!)

xpi0t0s 4Jun2009 22:08

Re: Puzzle/ 3 June 09
Norse -> Nose.

SaswatPadhi 5Jun2009 09:04

Re: Puzzle/ 3 June 09
Gr8 answer xpi0t0s ! Congratzz ! :)
Answer is as simple as "Norse" ?! Why didn't is strike to me ?? :cry:

Anyway, I think Priya will be happy to announce a new name as winner (after about a week).

priyad 6Jun2009 21:29

Re: Puzzle/ 3 June 09
Thats right SaswatPadhi, very refreshing to announce someone else as winner...lol!

Congrats xpi0t0s! Perfect answer :)

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