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priyad 1Jun2009 21:24

Puzzle/ 1 June 09
Find this 10 letter word-

starting with alphabet "h" and meaning the faith and belief in one god, yet not denying existence of others

SaswatPadhi 1Jun2009 21:33

Re: Puzzle/ 1 June 09


priyad 2Jun2009 22:22

Re: Puzzle/ 1 June 09
Should I start saying "congrats 2 SaswatPadhi obviously"? lol

:) :)

SaswatPadhi 2Jun2009 23:19

Re: Puzzle/ 1 June 09
LOL :) :) :) :biggrin:

I wonder where are the rest : nimesh, mridula, asadullah.ansari !?! :surprised:

shabbir 3Jun2009 08:57

Re: Puzzle/ 1 June 09
There needs to be some upper cap on a weekly basis on how much a person can win lol because others hardly get any chance buddy .

SaswatPadhi 3Jun2009 09:10

Re: Puzzle/ 1 June 09
Sure. Put the cap from today itself. Others should obviously get chance.

I found this in the Rules and Regulations thread :

Originally Posted by shabbir
Note : We have such one day system as we do not want to be tracking the prize of who is not paid and create a balance sheet of each user.

:surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised

[ But I guess, I'm free to post my answer if the question remains unanswered for a long time ]

indiansword 3Jun2009 22:54

Re: Puzzle/ 1 June 09
m always too late or too early for it lol.

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