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gsingh2011 31May2009 00:36

fgdump not working correctly?
Hi, I'm having a problem with fgdump. I've asked this question on other forums, but no one seems to know what's wrong. When I run fgdump without any switches it dumps fine, but if i specify a host and a username with administrator rights, it gives me an error number of 5, meaning access denied. I tried this on a remote computer, and I've also tried it on my own using as the host, and it gives the same problem. Any idea what's wrong?

shabbir 31May2009 07:02

Re: fgdump not working correctly?
You need to be an admin to use the administrator dump

gsingh2011 1Jun2009 02:04

Re: fgdump not working correctly?
I am an admin... It doesn't work if I specify the username and host even if I'm logged into an admin account.

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