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vicky221084 30May2009 20:53

How to find ip of yahoo user
I have been looking for this one. When we chat on yahoo, there bound to be some cheater here and there, they talk rubbish and crap. Some time they talk sweet and make u believe them. Like telling that they are from Finland , and being originally from Egypt. There are many more cases like that. I just wish if there is any trick to find who is from where. Is there any way to trick them to find their identity.
I know there must be some software to do it but to find it by some command or something , can we do it ??

xpi0t0s 30May2009 23:21

Re: How to find ip of yahoo user
Better still, wise up. Don't take anything anyone online says at face value. If it really matters to you that someone is from Finland, get this confirmed some other way. Or don't let yourself get into such a state that when it turns out they're actually Egyptian it makes any difference to you. Assume everyone you meet online is a 45-year old paedophile until you've actually met them (in a safe location) face to face.

But to answer your question, basically no, not with 100% certainty. Even if you can get their IP from Yahoo you can do a reverse DNS lookup (Google it) on their IP address and that might give you some idea, but there's no guarantee that if they're using a Finnish ISP they're actually from Finland; they might be using a proxy server, and if it's an anonymising proxy then you've no idea where they're from, although if you see that they are using an anonymising proxy this might clue you up that they're trying to hide something (which isn't necessarily a bad thing - they may just be paranoid). But it's far better in my opinion not to let "I'm from Finland" make any material difference to your life.

weekend4lust 31May2009 07:15

Re: How to find ip of yahoo user
i would actually like to know the answer to this question as well.

If you're chatting with someone on yahoo, how would you find out what there ip is?
wireshark maybe??

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