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sanjay_thakkar 30May2009 20:51

Help needed in C++ DLL creation
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i am new to C++ but old to other programming langagues
I need help in creating a DLL which in turn open a dialog box
I have attached an Sample code which is similar i want in DLL when a DLL is called from my other program it will open a browse windows and then select the file and return back the file name
Only difference is this program i have attached is like and EXE where as i require
and DLL of the same prorgame

Kindly help
Thanks in Advance


xpi0t0s 31May2009 16:58

Re: Help needed in C++ DLL creation
A DLL is similar to a static library; it doesn't need a main function and you need to use different linker flags when linking the code, to specify that it should be a DLL instead of an EXE. You'll need to read your linker documentation to find out how to do that.

So you shouldn't ever be able to link DLL code successfully as an EXE; you should always get an "undefined symbol: main" error.

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