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amitrane 1Nov2006 11:19

First Computer ?
I want to know who invented the first digital computer.It is not ENIAC.All i know is that,it was invented by a physics professor who recently got the official patent for it.

shabbir 1Nov2006 11:35

Re: First Computer ?
The thread moved from Help and Support to Chit-Chat as Help and support is for support for using G4EF.

mangomiso 23Nov2006 16:35

Re: First Computer ?
can you help me with the following questions
1.discuss teh terdsin computer archuitecture
2.serial input outuptchip with aid of diagram
3.evaluate thee 2 approaches to DMA implementation in an 8085 microprocessor

shabbir 23Nov2006 21:51

Re: First Computer ?
mangomiso, try putting your query in tha appropriate function as a new thread with good title so experts can reply to it.

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