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jaimie 19May2009 16:57

favorite web radio station
I think this type of radios is great in terms of the large number of music genres they cover and availability, so I started wondering what good web radios are you listening to these days.Maybe I'll even find some interesting ones that play the music I like.

jaimie 11Jun2009 17:58

Re: favorite web radio station
Seems not to be that popular round here my idea about these radios.Anyways, found some pretty good channels from skyfm.com.

callyS 16Jun2009 15:30

Re: favorite web radio station
Last.fm is pretty cool, and they have lots of different styles... neat!

jaimie 23Jun2009 19:57

Re: favorite web radio station
Yeah, that one is pretty great also.
You know one thing I like about this sort of radios is that I can listen to all sorts of music from all over the world.In the last couple of days I've been listening to some radio that plays greek music.Gets me in a good mood.

jaimie 23Jun2009 20:01

Re: favorite web radio station
Oh and yeah, meant to say a couple of days ago that I like the channels from sky fm not skyfm.com.My bad, wasn't paying attention.Especially like the one that has the 80's music.

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