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JuSteven 19May2009 09:47

Hey everyone, is there a specific section I can post about my site on here? I'd just like some opinions if the community has some time. Just wanted to ask before posting it. Thanks!

shabbir 19May2009 19:28

Re: Hello!
You can post it in Website Review forum but before you post there you should review 3 other sites.

weightloss houston 22May2009 16:14

Re: Hello!
Hello all i am jack 26 years old guy from NC USA and really glad to see this site and forum i did MS in computer so it will interesting for me to discuss about any topic in IT

shabbir 22May2009 17:48

Re: Hello!
Hi Jack and welcome to the forum and yes it would be fun discussing issues around with you.

steelband 22May2009 20:00

Re: Hello!
Hello i am smith 31 years old ..i am doing job at Multinational company and enjoying life so its good to be here.

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