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priyad 18May2009 20:52

Puzzle/ 18 May 09
Another phrase (2 words 5 letters each) for "SUDDEN INSPIRATIONS"

SaswatPadhi 18May2009 20:56

Re: Puzzle/ 18 May 09
It is surely :


( Had to wrap it in code-blocks to show it in CAPS. )

:hurray: :happy: :pleased: :happy::hurray:

xpi0t0s 19May2009 04:38

Re: Puzzle/ 18 May 09
I'm not sure about that; I'll guess at QUICK IDEAS.

SaswatPadhi 19May2009 06:34

Re: Puzzle/ 18 May 09

Originally Posted by xpi0t0s (Post 48102)
I'm not sure about that

Not sure ? :surprised

Check the meaning of brain storm here : http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/brainstorm
Read the meaning under noun --> 1 --> a.

Mridula 19May2009 11:29

Re: Puzzle/ 18 May 09


priyad 19May2009 18:27

Re: Puzzle/ 18 May 09
@ Mridula & xPi0t0s: Great try.

Right accepted answer: Brain Storm

SaswatPadhi wins :)

xpi0t0s 19May2009 18:47

Re: Puzzle/ 18 May 09
No, because brain[NO SPACE]storm is one word of 10 letters, not 2 words of 5.

Anyway, it won even though it was the wrong answer, so well done!

Mridula 19May2009 18:59

Re: Puzzle/ 18 May 09
Yes. Brainstorm is a single word, no space in between.
Infact, Quick Ideas was fine.

Why so?


shabbir 19May2009 19:23

Re: Puzzle/ 18 May 09
Brain waves can be an option as well :D

priyad 19May2009 19:59

Re: Puzzle/ 18 May 09
(GASP) yeah, brainstorm is one word. So long, i have been saying "Congrats SaswatPadhi", it almost became a habit. Thanks for pointing out xpi0t0s & Mridula.

The right answer is brain waves. Which is why I had earlier included the words "accepted answer" for brainstorm.

Since 1 day is not yet over and admin has posted the right answer, what do you guys say? Shall we deem him winner today?

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