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coderzone 18May2009 15:04

Drupal Or Joomla ?
Which one will be easy to manage and operate Drupal or Joomla. If you have used or deployed one of these tools, please could you share your general experiences?

shabbir 18May2009 19:13

Re: Drupal Or Joomla ?
Joomla because I know Joomla

hanleyhansen 18May2009 19:22

Re: Drupal Or Joomla ?
Same here. Joomla because I was able to show someone with almost no computer knowledge how to move around in joomla and how to get a few simples tasks done.

weightloss houston 22May2009 16:21

Re: Drupal Or Joomla ?
I will go for a Drupal no doubt about it..

steelband 22May2009 20:01

Re: Drupal Or Joomla ?
i will go for joomla becuase i like to work in joomla

Karapaz 4Jun2009 19:35

Drupal Or Joomla
Drupal all the way, its perfect for what you want to do And its really a framework that you will be able to extend ad libitum, joomla is more of a pre-packaged set of stuff that you can hardly customize as extensively as drupal

robrey471 5Jun2009 09:01

Re: Drupal Or Joomla ?
definitely Joomla. Easy to manage.

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